[asterisk-dev] "sip qualify peer"

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sun Jul 6 09:17:09 CDT 2008

6 jul 2008 kl. 15.40 skrev Russell Bryant:

> On Jul 6, 2008, at 9:18 AM, Chris Tooley wrote:
>> I wrote this a while back.  The idea is just what you've noticed.   
>> The
>> ability to force an Options ping, even if a peer is set to  
>> qualify=no.
>> I implemented it purley as a CLI command as I didn't have a need or
>> use fo the Manager command (and haven't ever implemented one).  It's
>> mostly a debugging thing.
> There is precedent for this type of CLI command; there is also "sip
> notify".

"SIP notify" actually does something - you reboot or reconfigure a  
There's no need for monitoring the reply, really.

This command is quite different and unless it's used for debugging
of un-monitored peers, it doesn't make much sense, as Chris also
explained. We should add a note about that usage in the docs for
the command.

I would like to see some feedback on the CLI, so we can use this command
for testing latency for all devices when needed, regardless of
qualify= setting.


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