[asterisk-dev] One issue remaining with kill-the-user in chan_sip

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sun Jul 6 03:48:07 CDT 2008

Going through kill-the-user changes again, fixing Russell's issue and  
thinking more clearly, I realize we
still have a problem to solve, where I might need Murf's help with the  
new lists and hashes.

The problem is this:

We have one list of peers by name, that is used now both for type=user  
and type=peer (and friend).

If a user declares a type=peer, we should not match on name on  
incoming call. I've created a
variable for that in the sip_peer data structure - "onlymatchonip".

We still need it though to find it by name for outbound calls, like  

Do we need a new list for matching on incoming calls, or can we change  
the macro that searches
the lists to use a function to verify the match (and check the  
"onlymatchonip" field) ?

We could re-instate the users list, but now add sip_peer objects to  
it, while waiting for the more
elegant solution...


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