[asterisk-dev] BUGFIX: main/rtp.c bridge_p2p_rtp_write() fix inbound payload type validity check

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Fri Jul 4 01:22:33 CDT 2008

3 jul 2008 kl. 15.27 skrev Tony Redstone:

> Hi,
> Could anyone comment on how I should go about getting this fix into
> asterisk?  I raised an issue on bugs.digium.com (#12955) but it
> doesn't appear to have attracted any interest.
Please have patience. All developers are very busy since
we're close to release for 1.6.0 and also have a lot of open
bug reports to handle for 1.4 too. This week I've found bug
reports that has been reporting important issues and
haven't been touched for almost two months.

In chan_sip terminology, you could say that we're
all LAGGED. Not responding within the anticipated time.

Our apologies. I'm sure somone will take care of your
report soon.


PS. We do need more active bug marshals. People who can help
manage the bug tracker - but don't have to resolve issues
or develop code, just make sure reporters get an answer and that the bug
reports has all required information. If you're intertested,
send e-mail to this list or find us on #astersik-dev or
#asterisk-bugs. 5 minutes a day will be a lot of help!

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