[asterisk-dev] my Asterisk is missing time...

Wolfgang Pichler wpichler at yosd.at
Wed Jan 23 11:06:27 CST 2008

ntp is really running on that machine - i now did turned it off. I will let it run now forthe night - and then take a look if the machine has lost some time.

An other thing i forgot to mention - i am runnuing asterisk not as root - should i runn asterisk as root - and nice -10 for example ?

Wolfgang Pichler

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----- "Wolfgang Pichler" <wpichler at yosd.at> wrote:
> Everything seems working - but from time to time i am lossing all
> calls on my PRI lines - after searching the logs i found one very
> interresting thing in the log file - as it seems my asterisk is
> missing some time. for normal i am getting some log entries (verbose
> level 3) per second - but before the line loose happens - i am missing
> 2 minutes of logs !!!! So it seems to me that asterisk is hanging
> somewhere - not able to log something - and also not able to take the
> data from the zaptel card...

> Here is the log, as you can see at 16:11:04 there is the last entry -
> the next is 2 minutes later and does indicate that asterisk has really
> done nothing for the last 2 minutes...

Just a thought to tide you over till someone else throws an answer out, and possibly not your problem. Do you have ntp running on that machine? And is your machine's clock losing time? I seem to remember that asterisk really doesn't handle time skips well at all. And if your clock is losing time and ntp doesn't slew you forward slowly enough, you will have a lot of timers get confused. 

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