[asterisk-dev] Asterisk start handle a call after 3 seconds

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Wed Jan 23 10:43:10 CST 2008

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Steven S. Critchfield wrote:

> ----- asterisk at nicox.org wrote:
>> That means that the carrier where i terminate the calls use it to
>> determine the complete number.
>> it means:
>> Somebody Calls from a fixed phone the number 0123456789
>> I get the number on my system where the customer have dialed only the
>> 012
>> I can do the LCR with this information, so i dial out to the carrier
>> xy
>> with the digits 012.
>> After this 3 digits, every digit which the customer dial i have to
>> send to
>> the carrier for reaching the correct number.
>> But, Asterisk has to do the lcr with the first 3 digits, and do not
>> have
>> to wait.
> So you receive a call to your asterisk install, you answer the call.

I do not answer the call.

> At this point the user is dialing, if the call is on a zaptel channel, you are receiving these numbers via inband DTMF. Even if by another channel, it is still digits coming to you for something other than call setup.

No, the numbers comes as overlap digits, not as inband DTMF

> You make a routing descision based on the first 3 digits. You then make a call setup to your carrier without having the entire number.

Yes, thats correct.

> On an analog line to your carrier, I could see this as functional. Dial made the connection, and dumped it's stored digits and bridged the call. On a E1, PRI or VoIP connection, wouldn't you need all the numbers for the setup message?

That is working also on E1/PRI, the feature which is allowing this is 
overlap dial.

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