[asterisk-dev] Asterisk start handle a call after 3 seconds

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Wed Jan 23 09:25:07 CST 2008

That means that the carrier where i terminate the calls use it to 
determine the complete number.

it means:

Somebody Calls from a fixed phone the number 0123456789

I get the number on my system where the customer have dialed only the 012
I can do the LCR with this information, so i dial out to the carrier xy 
with the digits 012.
After this 3 digits, every digit which the customer dial i have to send to 
the carrier for reaching the correct number.

But, Asterisk has to do the lcr with the first 3 digits, and do not have 
to wait.

i hope now its better to understand the scenario.



On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> asterisk at nicox.org wrote:
>> I have to forward overlap digits.
>> But, i do not have to wait 3 seconds to start the call, at call start i
>> have enough digits to do LCR and all other things needed in dialplan, but
>> i have to forward the overlap digits.
> If you aren't using the digits in the dialplan, then what does 'forward
> the overlap digits' mean?
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