[asterisk-dev] SIP call-limit and Realtime

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Wed Jan 23 03:30:06 CST 2008

Johansson Olle E <oej at edvina.net> writes:

> I need to think about this a bit more, but we do need a different
> kind of hint for realtime objects. It's a complicated system as it
> is. Devices can't subscribe to extensions without current hints
> which means that we need the hint regardless... Weird loop.

Perhaps it would be possible move hints out of the dial plan? They
> really don't
fit into it.

Imagine Voice Mail implemented the way hints are --
exten => 801,vm,VM(9999,Tech Voicemail,support at example.com,,delete=1)
I'm sure you'll agree that it wouldn't be a good idea. The same holds
for hints.


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