[asterisk-dev] Call parking bug

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Tue Jan 22 16:55:18 CST 2008

I have been trying to add call parking to chan_skinny,
and chasing odd segfaults related to playing the
parked extension number back to the caller.

There have been a number of commits to res_features
that seemed to be related.  Each commit worked with
the test for a masqueraded channel, which was the issue
I had with chan_skinny.

The test for a masqueraded channel involve the variable
orig_chan_name, but that variable was explicitly set to
NULL in ast_park_call:

1. Channel/app calls ast_masq_park_call
2. ast_masq_park_call sets up the masqueraged and
   calls ast_park_call
3. ast_park_call calls park_call_full with orig_chan_name
   set to NULL, and does nothing else.

I added patch to bug 11342 that has ast_masq_park_call call
park_call_full with orig_chan_name properly set.  Now I
do not get a segfault when parking from chan_skinny.

So, I am on drugs or was this a real bug?


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