[asterisk-dev] SIP call-limit and Realtime

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sun Jan 20 06:51:37 CST 2008

This also touches my earlier questions about what realtime SIP buddies  
really are.
Today, we have an unsatisfactory mix between the old sip buddies that  
are classified
as realtime dynamic objects and the "cached" objects.

The cached objects should really be just another way of loading a  
static object
in memory and keep it there as long as it is needed - during  
registration for
peers that register and from first activity and forever for peers with  
a host definition.

In addition to that we need cli and manager commands for releasing,  
and reconfiguring these objects to match the database changes.

People expect the cached realtime objects to be static. They are not.
And as such, we cannot provide the same services to them today.

I would like to see a cleanup here.


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