[asterisk-dev] Release Candidates and Nightly Builds

Ryan Burke burke at tailorhosting.com
Fri Jan 18 19:48:46 CST 2008

> Furthermore, with Asterisk 1.4, previously we have immediately shipped out
> new
> releases for security fixes.  However, those releases also contained
> whatever
> other bug fixes we have made in the past few weeks.  I would like to
> change the
> policy such that we no longer do this.  When it comes time to fix a
> security
> issue, I would like to make an immediate release of the previous 1.4
> release,
> with only the security fix applied.  With that in place, all regular 1.4.X
> releases can proceed with the quick release candidate and testing cycle.

Your new method is exactly what needs to happen for security releases.
Nothing is more frustrating than getting the new patched version only to
have it cause issues with other parts of the previously working system. I
think that this along with the other release cycle notes you mentioned
will GREATLY help the Asterisk User community to know *what* they are
getting and to trust that nothing *bleeding edge* is in a security update.
Good ideas, if it makes it easier and more intuitive for the users then it
WILL be better for the project.

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