[asterisk-dev] Revision 87427 not merged to trunk

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Thu Jan 17 15:52:30 CST 2008

Mark Michelson wrote:
>Dan Austin wrote:
>> I was testing out IMAP support in Trunk, and found
>> a number errors about undefined variables.  One
>> instance was covered in branches/1.4, revision 87427,
>> but not merged to trunk.  The other appears to be
>> from a partial merge of 94538 (hunk 2 did not fully apply)
>> Dan

> Could you detail what the undefined variables were? I'd 
> prefer if you opened a bug report with all the information 
> included there.

Done.  BugID 11788.  I just rolled the missing bits into
a fresh patch, as it conveys what was missing and just
how trivial the changes are.


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