[asterisk-dev] TOUPPER/TOLOWER

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Tue Jan 15 01:53:31 CST 2008

14 jan 2008 kl. 19.28 skrev Russell Bryant:

> Terry Wilson wrote:
>> They are in fact related. They are required for proper processing of
>> the Polycom phone profile in phoneprov.conf.  The information is
>> documented in the TeX documentation.  I know you didn't catch that
>> because of it not being included in the email, I just wanted to make
>> sure everyone else  knew why they were included.  Oh, and the acl.c
>> was actually just removing a struct that was only referenced by a
>> function that had already been removed in a previous release.
> Oh, I forgot about those.  You should list the new functions in  

And we had a lot of discussions about those functions a year ago in  
the bug
tracker. They need to handle various character sets or be very well  
in regards to what they do in realtion to the LOCALE setting and how  
you change that.

I would have preferred them being a separate commit before the commit  
of the
rest of the phoneprov. Smaller commits are better. Even though it was  
for phoneprov, you could have committed them separately since they are
standalone functions.


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