[asterisk-dev] Asked to transmit frame type 64, while native formats is 0x4

Norman Franke norman at myasd.com
Mon Jan 14 22:13:49 CST 2008

I figured a bug dealing with basic functionality would be high  
priority. Call transfer isn't really that exotic.

If I knew how to fix it (like I just did for the ODBC timeout not  
working, http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=11745) I would. Any  
pointers would be appreciated.

How does one go about paying for a fix? The bounty system doesn't  
seem to work all that well by the looks of it.

Norman Franke
Answering Service for Directors, Inc.

On Jan 12, 2008, at 11:53 AM, asterisk-dev-request at lists.digium.com  

> Norman Franke wrote:
>> I submitted this bug a month ago:
>>     http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=11541
>> And I was wondering if this can be addressed quickly. I can reproduce
>> this rather easily by just transferring a ringing call to another
>> extension. (i.e. don't answer it before hand.) This is permitted, but
>> Asterisk doesn't seem very happy about it spewing 20+ error  
>> messages per
>> second to the console and the ring noise is absent for the caller.
> The only things that you can do to speed up this process is to  
> either fix it, or
> pay someone else to fix it.  That's just the way an open source  
> project works ...
> -- 
> Russell Bryant
> Senior Software Engineer
> Open Source Team Lead
> Digium, Inc.

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