[asterisk-dev] PRI issue

astdev at notleyc.fastmail.fm astdev at notleyc.fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 10 09:25:12 CST 2008

Hi there,

I have been making progress over the last few months connecting an
Asterisk 1.4 server to a Siemens HiPath 4000 switch via ISDN PRI.

I'm using a TE120P card configured for qsig.  I managed to get Siemens
to alter the configuration of the switch with the result that caller ID
numbers and names are being transferred successfully from Asterisk to
the HiPath; however I am encountering a problem successfully terminating
calls.  The problems only occur if the extension number called from
Asterisk happens to be forwarded on the HiPath.  If I dial an extension
that is not forwarded on the HiPath, the call completes successfully,
but all forwarded extensions fail to ring and I always see the same

With intense PRI debugging enabled I see output similar to that below
when this happens:

Length (123) of 0x30 component is too long (the length varies depending
on the caller ID name associated with the forwarded extension).

There are a bunch of other 'Unable to handle ROSE operation ???' errors,
but I see those whether or not I dial a forwarded extension.

I saw a patch specifically mentioning indefinite ASN1 lengths
- number 209); however I've been unable to apply the patch to version
1.4.3 of libpri.  Apologies if I'm sounding really stupid here, but I'd
appreciate any help applying the patch.

  Chris Notley
  chris at notley.org

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