[asterisk-dev] cdr_odbc.c is broken in trunk

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Thu Jan 10 05:43:33 CST 2008

On 11:18, Thu 10 Jan 08, Nick Gorham wrote:
> Hi,
> The change to use prepare_cb() in odbc_log became broken in r88182.
> The code calls SQLBindParameter on a local variable (timestr) but as it 
> now doesn't call SQLExecute in the same function when it finally gets to 
> SQLExecute that variable is out of scope.
> I dont know if I can pass attachments to this list, so the fixed cdr can 
> be found here http://www.lurcher.org/~nick/cdr_odbc.c
> The code contained the following lines
>         /* We really should only have to do this once.  But for some
>          * strange reason if I don't it blows holes in memory like
>          * like a shotgun.  So we just do this so its safe.
>          */
> The "strange reason", as I have tried to report several times now via 
> the forum, is that the memory passed to SQLBindParameter is not 
> referenced until the SQLExecute, that the point of binding parameters, 
> you pass the address of the storage, then before the SQLExecute you set 
> the values you intend to use.


Can you post this to http://bugs.digium.com with a unified
diff as the patch ?
Thank you.


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