[asterisk-dev] roundrobin and rrmemory with pre-defined agent order

Dmitry Andrianov dimas at dataart.com
Thu Nov 29 11:33:58 CST 2007

Just curious why not to implement second container - reference-counting list in addition to hashtable :)

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Dmitry Andrianov wrote:
> No, you should not use penalty. Personally I think penalty is one of the most confusing things about queues - you are third person in my memory who misinterprets the penalty setting this way (and I was the first :) )
> There is new strategy "linear" in the trunk for that - http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=7279
> But I doubt if it works because Asterisk now uses hashtable (?) to store queue members which means order in which they are read from file will be definitely lost...

The linear strategy uses a degenerate form of the hash table. It uses a hash
table with just one "bucket," effectively making it a linked list. Thus the
order specified in queues.conf is preserved. We still use the hash table API
however since it keeps the code cleaner and because it also implements reference

Mark Michelson

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