[asterisk-dev] roundrobin and rrmemory with pre-defined agent order

Fernando Urzedo Fernando.Urzedo at locaweb.com.br
Thu Nov 29 10:09:09 CST 2007


I would like to implement a queue using a circular strategy, I mean,
using roundrobin or rrmemory strategies. However, I am not able to
define the orderAsterisk will call the agents once a new call arrives in
the queue. Seems that Asterisk will always define its order as the
queues.conf file is read, and most of times this order is different from
the one I want (for each queue in queues.conf, I add members in the
order I want them to be called).

I tried to use the "penalty" setting, but then Asterisk gets stuck in
the first agent (lowest penalty) until it answers a call.

Is there a way to implement what I need? I am using Asterisk 1.2.19...

Thanks in advance!

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