[asterisk-dev] Deprecate every '* reload' CLI command?

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Tue Nov 27 06:52:52 CST 2007

27 nov 2007 kl. 11.07 skrev Benny Amorsen:

>>>>>> "JOE" == Johansson Olle E <oej at edvina.net> writes:
> JOE> There's also a usability issue here. I don't think we should
> JOE> force all Asterisk admins to learn the names of the modules
> JOE> and learn which modules actually make sense to reload. It's
> JOE> complicated enough.
> That sounds like an excellent argument for adding a "voicemail reload"
> command.

I personally vote for it.

/O :-)

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