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Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Mon Nov 26 10:24:45 CST 2007

SVN commits to the Digium repositories wrote:
> Author: oej
> Date: Sun Nov 25 05:46:17 2007
> New Revision: 89554
> URL: http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk?view=rev&rev=89554
> Log:
> - Deprecate "call-limit" in chan_sip. No other channel driver enforces call-limits
>   and we now have the groupcount system to implement call-limits in the dialplan. You
>   can use the "setvar" option in realtime/sip.conf to set limits per device.
> - Implement "callcounter" as a new option to enable the call counting we need to
>   report device status to queue, manager and SIP subscriptions.
> The call counter setting is now enabled in the code by setting the device call-limit
> to 999. When we remove the call limit, we can simply enable this with a boolean
> setting.
> Modified:
>     trunk/CHANGES
>     trunk/channels/chan_sip.c
>     trunk/configs/sip.conf.sample
> Modified: trunk/CHANGES
> URL: http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk/trunk/CHANGES?view=diff&rev=89554&r1=89553&r2=89554
> ==============================================================================
> --- trunk/CHANGES (original)
> +++ trunk/CHANGES Sun Nov 25 05:46:17 2007
> @@ -89,8 +89,14 @@
>    * SIP now adds a header to the CANCEL if the call was answered by another phone
>       in the same dial command, or if the new c option in dial() is used.
>    * The new default is that 100 Trying is not sent on REGISTER attempts as the RFC specifically
> -     states it is not needed. For phones, however, that do require it the registertrying option
> +     states it is not needed. For phones, however, that do require it the "registertrying" option
>       has been added so it can be enabled. 
> +  * The "call-limit" option is marked as deprecated. It still works in this version of
> +    Asterisk, but will be removed in the following version. Please use the groupcount functions
> +    in the dialplan to enforce call limits.
> +  * A new option called "callcounter" (global/peer/user level) enables call counters needed
> +    for better status reports needed for queues and SIP subscriptions. (Call-Limit was previously
> +    used to enable this functionality).

The first part of this that talks about deprecating "call-limit" should go in
UPGRADE.txt instead of CHANGES.

CHANGES - a list of new features

UPGRADE.txt - All of the information about deprecated features, syntax changes,
and other changes in behavior that users need to know when upgrading to this
major version from the previous one.

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