[asterisk-dev] New branch: calleridutf8

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sun Nov 25 14:20:59 CST 2007

As agreed with russellb, I've created a new branch for implementing  
two things:

- Caller ID names in utf8 for SIP, IAX2 and jingle
- Caller ID domains for SIP and Jingle

The domains will be used for SIP2SIP calls primarily, as domain is  
part of the
address and should not be replaced in the outbound call.

I've expanded the caller-ID structure in channel.h for these new  
fields and implement
them in various functions that handle caller ID's.

When murf has integrated libiconv for the dialplan handling, I'll  
implement conversion
between these. For now, IAX2, SIP and Jingle will use the UTF8 version  
of the caller ID
name if it exists, otherwise the Ascii name.

In iax.conf and SIP.conf, you will be able to set an extra utf8 caller  
ID name to be used in
channels that can handle it. This can be implemented in all channels,  
so that
calls TO an utf8 enabled channel will get the full Caller ID Name.

Manager stays Ascii for now, maybe we need to change that. XML manager
should be converted to utf8 and have both names.

This way, calls between IAX2 and SIP phones will be able to preserve  
the full display name.

I don't know if the IAX2 protocol needs to be extended to carry the  
ASCII transliterated
caller ID name in addition to the UTF8 which now is standard Caller ID  
name in IAX2.
This will be handy for trunking.

Feedback, ideas and suggestions is always welcome.


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