[asterisk-dev] Deprecate app_saycountpl

Igor A. Goncharovsky igi-go at ya.ru
Thu Nov 22 21:47:36 CST 2007


Tzafrir Cohen writes:
>> 4) It is no need in writing general purpose module, because task of
>> determine needed word is very easy and can be solved by 6 strings of
>> dialplan, or in any AGI. For example smthing like that:
>> [macro-saycount]
> [snip dialplan code]
> What about say.conf ?
> Apart from that: I also wonder who actually uses it.

say.conf it is great! I am using this from time Luigi added this to
trunk. But this for saying numbers, digits, dates, etc. But after that
we say number, we also want to say "number of what?". Here can be money
or even cats or dogs. Say.conf does not solve this.

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