[asterisk-dev] Deprecating sip call-limit

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Tue Nov 20 15:17:55 CST 2007


Blitzrage and I had a discussion about busylevel and call-limit in  
chan_sip on the IRC I wanted to expand to the rest of you deveopers  
out there...

My proposal in this discussion was:

- deprecate call-limit in chan_sip. No other channel driver has a  
built-in call limit
    and we now favour groupcount and dialplan control instead of  
embedding this
    into channel drivers.
    The call-limit is history that has survived too long.

- implement a new option to enable call counters for the subscribe/ 
notify event system in chan_sip (channel specific)

- implement busy-level in more channel drivers

- implement a DEVICE() dial plan function that is cross-channel, like  
   so we can check busylevel in chan_iax2 and other channels that can  
handle multiple
    channels per device. Busylevel can now be checked in the SIPPEER()  
function only.

I know this is a lot of stuff at the same time, but it kind of belongs  


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