[asterisk-dev] Terminating 80 channels

Mark Adams admin at infinity-marketing.com
Tue Nov 20 14:28:46 CST 2007

This probably does not belong here so please don't be to harsh but I wanted
to see if anyone has set up a large amount of out bound only voip channels? 

We run analog autodialers connected to analog to voip gateways (dialogic
boards to audiocodes mp-124's) 

Bandwidth and routing is being provided by a bonded t-1 (3 meg) cisco 2600
with 2 t1 cards and a 16 port netgear switch. 

My question ( if you can picture the setup) is if anyone can see a problem
with the set-up I have described. There is no firewall or access list on the
router. Just wide open internet. I have been running about 80 channels for
over a year and my numbers have been down and I cannot tell if there are any

Mark Adams
Infinity Marketing Inc.
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530-579-8856 Fax 
216-441-4319 Tech Support 

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