[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Performance as a B2BUA

Di-Shi Sun di-shi at transnexus.com
Fri Nov 16 17:55:21 CST 2007

Hi All,

We recently performed an indepth performance test on Asterisk V1.4.11 configured as a SIP B2BUA.

Asterisk was running on a server with two Xeon 5140, dual core, 2.33 GHz CPUs and 4 GB of RAM.

We found that an Asterisk B2BUA on this hardware can manage 1500 simultaneous calls with no transcoding and 400 simultaneous calls with G.711 to G.729 transcoding.

A summary of the test is available at http://www.transnexus.com/White%20Papers/asterisk_V1-4-11_performance.htm

The test details are available at http://www.transnexus.com/White%20Papers/Asterisk_Performance_as_a_SIP_B2BUA.pdf


Di-Shi Sun
VoIP Routing, Accounting, Security
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