[asterisk-dev] Building trunk under openWRT: partial punchlist

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Thu Nov 15 00:39:26 CST 2007

Thanks to the hard work of all the core developers it is becoming easier 
and easier to build trunk in the openWRT build environment.

I'm very close to a hands-off build.  I thought I would send along some 
items from my punchlist that I'm pretty sure aren't my fault.  I'm 
working on four other items beyond these two, but haven't yet convinced 
myself that my munging of the openWRT Makefile isn't causing the other 
problems, which I will send along later if it seems the Asterisk build 
files are implicated.

* Even though the cross-build correctly detects the target configuration 
for openssl and postgres, it seems to be using the host environment to 
figure out what's up with CURL.  In my case, it finds libidn and 
includes it in makeopts.  openWRT (AFAIK) doesn't have that library, and 
so after the configure phase, when it bombs, I have to go in an manually 
remove the -lidn from makeopts.

* Before I build, I have to go into ~/main and copy the function 
ast_atomic_fetchadd_int_slow into ~/utils and add that function to the 
end of both extconf.c and check_expr.c.   Otherwise the build fails at 
link time that the function is unknown.

I've got version 89266 under pretty heavy testing on my openWRT box, and 
two days in things are working just fine.



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