[asterisk-dev] any experience with cross-building asterisk ?

Stelios Koroneos skoroneos at digital-opsis.com
Thu Nov 8 02:50:11 CST 2007

We have done cross builds and deployments on powerpc (32bit) amcc405,440,
Freescale mpc5200b (and recently  mpc8323e) and also Virtex 4 fpga's with
the powerpc softcore, xscale and mipsel
We use OpenEmbedded for the builds which would work fine on linux but for
mingw32 i seriously dought it (never tested though)

Stelios S. Koroneos

Digital OPSiS - Embedded Intelligence

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> just wondering, is anyone doing cross-builds of asterisk ?
> I am investigating this (specifically, cross building for mingw32
> and later for mips) and would like to know if there is a working
> starting point.
> thanks
> luigi
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