[asterisk-dev] who uses GTK2_LIB and GTK2_INCLUDE ?

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at icir.org
Mon Nov 5 17:41:25 CST 2007

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 01:57:52PM -0600, Russell Bryant wrote:
> Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> > the main asterisk Makefile has these two lines
> > 
> > export GTK2_LIB
> > export GTK2_INCLUDE
> > 
> > but i wonder where these variables are used, if at all..
> menuselect/Makefile is what those were added for, I think.

ok i see it.
Just wondering then, couldn't menuselect/Makefile just do an

-include ../makeopts

so it inherits whatever the parent configuration produced ?
The requirement is already there now, anyways, and this way
one could simplify a bit the top level Makefile


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