[asterisk-dev] "lock up" on 1.4.13 (Audiohooks-1.4)

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 00:17:42 CST 2007

http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=10956 re audiohooks-1.4

This one is actually worse :(

AS I make the call, it goes into 173% CPU utilization (top's stat on a
dual core AMD64 in 32bit mode on Gentoo)

I've included the full and messages info logs.
I've forgot to add the -g flag for the first run, which had the
debug_deadlock enabled.That caused LOADS of messages (see messges

I've then disabled that flag, did a rerun and caught core.28100 with
the gdb stuff.

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