R: [asterisk-dev] Feature request: SIP tx/rx gain

Manuel Wenger manuel.wenger at ticinocom.com
Fri Mar 30 05:48:45 MST 2007

William Moore wrote:
> Take a look at revision 59242 by file.  It mentioned func_volume and
> technology independent volume control and might be what you're looking
> for.

Thank you for this, I hadn't noticed it! I've tried checking out the
audiohooks branch and it actually does the volume thing I was looking
for... But...

Joshua Colp wrote:
> func_volume is only applicable to the ah (audiohooks) branch and
> porting that over or using the branch (which is based off of trunk so 
> I would not recommend it unless you are just experimenting) it won't

"Unfortunately" you are quite right ... I can't deploy the audiohooks
branch for productive use. I've done some testing with it, and it
segfaults quite often, especially with IAX2 channels.

I've also tried porting over this function to 1.4.2, but to no avail.
What I've done:
- added func_volume.c/.h
- added audiohook.c/.h
- religiously modified channel.c/.h according to the SVN revisions made
by "file" in his audiohooks branch, in order to add audiohook support to
- modified the Makefiles

I manage to compile it, but when executing Set(VOLUME...) it doesn't
change the volume, and when the call ends it segfaults. I guess there
are too many differences between 1.4.2 and this particular trunk to
adapt it. Or is there something obvious I might be missing which could

Is there a chance that this will make it to a "final" release?

Nic Bellamy wrote:
> I've actually written two different patches for this to solve pretty
much the 
> same problem:
> Want me to send one/both through to you? Or should I wait until you
> a bounty... >;-)

I'll contact you off-list...

Oh, and yes, we stay in the media path all the time... Otherwise I
wouldn't have brought up the question :-)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions

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