[asterisk-dev] Find the name of queue

JOSE GUILHERME HONORATO ARANTES zeguilherme at comp.ufu.br
Thu Mar 29 10:39:54 MST 2007

hi guyz, 

i´m trying find in the codes of asterisk as change the name of file created 
after that a extension dial for a queue. For example, the asterisk record in 
server of this way: 
/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/agent-1000-1173143751-784.wav (1000 = the agent)
However, would like that recorded:

150 = name of queue that a extension dial
20070327 = date of record (fixed) 

The problem's find this name of queue. I´m trying find in all files but I'm  
not obtain sucess. The file that I'm doing the change is 'chan_agent.c', in 
the function __agent_start_monitoring() . The line that print is 
snprintf(filename, sizeof(filename), "agent-%s-%s",p->agent, ast->uniqueid); 

Has someone some sugestion for obtain this name of queue(150)? 


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