[asterisk-dev] res_odbc.c patch in 1.2

Alexandru Pirvulescu sigxcpu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 03:48:26 MST 2007


I have a patch request for res_odbc.c in 1.2.X

ORACLE needs the environment variable TWO_TASK to be set to the  
instance name. I've put in res_odbc.conf this variable, but it  
doesn't work. It gives the same error like it is not set.
I've looked into res_odbc.c and I've found that putenv() was used for  
setting up the environment variables. For some reason this does not  
I've replaced putenv() with setenv() like this:

putenv(env_var); becomes
setenv(v->name, v->value, 1);

This works flawlessly.

In 1.4.X Oracle with unixODBC works because res_odbc.c uses setenv()  
instead of putenv().


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