[asterisk-dev] RealTime, Large Dialplans, and headaches... got any ideas?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Mar 28 17:23:30 MST 2007

Steve Murphy wrote:

> If you are dynamically adding extensions to a context, then whatever
> mechanism that adds/subtracts an extension to the db, should be able to
> also call these functions, via CLI/manager/whatever interface...?

This is the model we have already talked about for the future...
providing configuration modification interfaces to modify the _running_
configuration in memory of Asterisk and its modules, instead of making
Asterisk/modules go retrieve the config data repeatedly.

This is a very different model than what we have today, but lends itself
to some really powerful implementations and is used by many other
systems (Cisco IOS for an example). It also would allow for config
modifications via any interface that we have... CLI, AMI... etc. It
would then be the responsibility of whatever tool/system modifies the
database to echo those changes into the running Asterisk instance via
some method.

Some people like this idea (me included), others do not. I guess we will
see what happens as time marches on and we discuss at the developers
conference in a couple of months.

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