[asterisk-dev] 1.4 spanish sounds

Steve Totaro stotaro at asteriskhelpdesk.com
Wed Mar 28 08:29:07 MST 2007

Wouldn't someone from Spain speak the "purest" Spanish?  Of course, anyone with "Patriotism" for their country is going to proclaim that they are the "Purest" and "Better".  England = Queen's English is purer than American English.

We had a guy from Puerto Rico do some translation from English to Spanish for a call center in Colombia.  The Colombians said that his translation for "refund" meant to "throw up or regurgitate".  :-)

I think that there may not be any "standard" localization for Spanish or English for that matter.  It may be people will be better served by creating their own versions of recordings based on real localization. 

Steve Totaro

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> I had my wife (native Spanish speaker - argentina) listen to the 1.4
> spanish .wav files and she agreed with German. The problem, for her, was
> not the choice of words nor the syntax, but the strong american (gringa)
> accent. Even I could tell that it does not sound natural at all. I have a
> neighbor who grew up in Colombia and he insists that Colombians speak the
> purest form of spanish - maybe having a Colombian do the recordings is the
> solution?
> Germán Aracil Boned wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > In 1.4 version, the spanish sounds, are a very very very bad spanish.
> > This is not a correct spanish.
> >
> > Can change it ?
> >
> > thank you
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