[asterisk-dev] 1.2.16 (IIRC): Local channel does not hangup

Hauke Joachim Zuehl hz at outbox.de
Wed Mar 28 06:08:02 MST 2007

Hi :)

I hope it is not a question for user's list:
I use Asterisk 1.2.16 (I think...it is a slightly patched version) and create 
a call with manager interface via a website. Both phones are mobile phones 
and the call ist transfered via a carrier (let's say it is sipgate or dus.net 
or something similar).

Everything works fine, both partners can talk to each other but Asterisk seems 
not to send a BYE signal if one partner ends the call.

I searched a lot of websites but could not find any hint so maybe(!) there is 
a bug somewhere in chan_local?

Last command in the dialplan is a Hangup().

I hope someone can help me and give me a hint :)

TIA and kind regards,

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