[asterisk-dev] Problem with phantom rings....

Jon Pounder jonp at inline.net
Mon Mar 26 06:47:59 MST 2007

I had the exact same issue - provider = bell canada

It was on a schedule so I knew it was not just random noise. The channel
bank was picking up the line test pulse as a detected ring (yeah I realize
the channel bank was at fault) but to get Bell to admit they do actually
do line tests on a proactive basis was like a 6month process. Finally got
the right guy and he knew exactly what I was talking about and how to get
rid of it. On the DMS switches used in north america, you need what is
called an NLT ( no line test) record added for the line, persist until you
get someone that knows what you are talking about.

Your issue could quite possibly be something similar where a test is
locked on the line and being done over and over, and its not just random

> Mike Jagdis wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 11:22:35AM +0300, Marius Stankevičius wrote:
>>> A problem is noisy line.... every 2-5 minutes (even if there was no
>>> previous
>>> activity) I get noise that registers as an incoming call on CO line. If
>>> the
>>> call gets picked up it gives dialtone (Digium TDM400P card with 4 FXO
>>> ports). It _is not_ voicemail. Caller ID set to yes and it is not a
>>> polarity
>>> issue (turned that off)
>> If it's that bad and it's unfixable by your provider (a) I hope you're
>> not paying them and (b) the problem is the ring detection at the
>> driver/hardware level.
>> The hardware ring detection is tunable to some extent, but I really
>> couldn't say in what way (although the "how" is just tweak some
>> registers).
>> Fortunately wctdm.c also has an alternate, driver level ring detection
>> routine. Try uncommenting AUDIO_RINGCHECK near the top of wctdm.c.
>> You may also need to tweak MINPEGTIME, PEGTIME and PEGCOUNT further
>> down. (Note: the AUDIO_RINGCHECK code may not be as well tested...)
> pbx-1*CLI> show applications like ring
>      -= Matching Asterisk Applications =-
>                 Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
>             WaitForRing: Wait for Ring Application
> pbx-1*CLI> show application waitforring
>    -= Info about application 'WaitForRing' =-
> [Synopsis]
> Wait for Ring Application
> [Description]
>    WaitForRing(timeout)
> Returns  after waiting at least timeout seconds. and
> only after the next ring has completed.  Returns  on
> success or -1 on hangup
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