[asterisk-dev] Possible Manager bug with ExtensionState

Andre Courchesne acourchesne at prival.ca
Sat Mar 24 20:28:35 MST 2007

Ok, I believe I'm doing this right and I validated with a 1.2.9 install, 
and it looks like the ExtensionState manager action command does not 
report the correct status when the queried extension is in use.

Status 4 (Unavailable) seems ok, but in all other state, ExtensionState 
reports 0 (Idle)

I have tested with release 1.4.2 so far. And I'm doing the queries using 
telnet on the localhost running the Asterisk under test.

Any confirmation appreciated

I'll investigate a bit in the source but if I don't have any feedback 
I'll open a bug.

Andre Courchesne

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