[asterisk-dev] app_queue member states

Norman Franke norman at myasd.com
Thu Mar 22 16:23:53 MST 2007

When using SIP extensions, the CLI command "queue show" always lists  
members as "not in use" even if they are in use.

My question is: shouldn't app_queue be calling ast_parse_device_state 
() instead of ast_device_state() so the state is set for SIP channels  

The changethread always gets the new state as being "1" for SIP  
interfaces, regardless of what the SIP client is doing.

I added this to changethread():

			sc->state = ast_parse_device_state(interface);
			if (sc->state == AST_DEVICE_UNKNOWN) sc->state = ast_device_state 


			if (cur->status != sc->state) {
				cur->status = sc->state;

Changing this seems to work better. When a SIP client dials, the  
status is correctly set to "in use" as one would expect.


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