[asterisk-dev] Report on the "oldest 15" meeting!

Steve Murphy murf at digium.com
Thu Mar 22 06:48:53 MST 2007

Dwayne didn't send me the updated spreadsheet, we used the last one 

I also used mantis to generate a list of bugs in the "new" state sorted
by ID.

Attendees: murf, Josh, Jason;  blitzrage signed in 1.5 hours after
starting, for about 2 minutes.

We looked at these bugs:

Zoomed thru the spreadsheet. We either knew the status, or we didn't.
None of the 3 of us, if I remember right, had bugs that were otherwise
"in progress".

Then we dived into newer bugs. (JC == Josh Colp; JP == Jason Parker)

8532 == assigned to JC
8555 == assigned to JP
8677 == assigned to JC
8684 == assigned to murf
8703 == JC put into feedback for tzafrir
8775 == we assigned this one to russell
8786 == assigned to JC
8835 == assigned to JC
8850 == JC says he'll look at it, but might not take it.
8941 == assigned to JC
8944 == No-one wanted to take this; we think Russell should look into
9015 == kpfleming should look into this one.
9042 == DUNDI lookups on busy system-- deferred until the fog lifts.
9044 == JC will look at this; but might not take it.
9066 == Blitzrage would handle this one if he had commit privilege.

Then we called it quits.

Steve Murphy
Software Developer
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