[asterisk-dev] Read custom SIP header from Manager API?

Sven Jacobs jacobs at tedsoft.de
Thu Mar 22 03:37:24 MST 2007

Dear Asterisk developers,

I'm currently writing an application which displays incoming calls in a 
popup window. The application connects to an Asterisk 1.4 server via the 
Manager API and listens for dial events.

On the Asterisk side I want to enrich the SI protocol with an additional 
custom header which contains, for example, the extension which has been 
dialed by using the SIPAddHeader() command in the dial plan.

The client application should display the following information on an 
incoming call:

From: <CALLERID(name)>
Number: <CALLERID(num)>
To: <X-CUSTOMHEADER(extension)>
Date: <NOW>

The question is whether it's possible to extract custom headers from the 
Manager API? The dial event does not contain such information.


Sven Jacobs

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