[asterisk-dev] Users questions in -dev

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 14:18:19 MST 2007

List admins, all or almost all questions like "please tell 
me" are coming from newly subscribed users, who did not 
distinguished yet where to send questions, so if there 
would be a kind of following message after "subscription 
confirmation" or "welcome message" would be send to a newly 
subscribed person (it should be separate message with the 
proper subject to get users attention, since automatic 
messages rarely read), and which would clearly state on 
easy English something like "Attention: Do not send to this 
list questions about: configuration, installation (etc, 
etc) since you will be ignored - and use appropriate list, 
one of the given below (and give a list of mailing lists 
with description)". Though - this for further explaining to 
the lasy person, who asks question first then thinks, and 
anyway may further decrease such a questions amount, but of 
course not eliminate them.

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