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Oded Arbel oded at atelis.net
Thu Mar 15 02:27:00 MST 2007

Forwarded from the users list, as I didn't get an answer there.. I hope
you don't mind.

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Hi list. 

We have a problem when dialing over IAX to another Asterisk server:
we've setup an extension named
'f19dffb971b93746d73ec46d5f1d4b36c199f48c-g1' in a specific context (its
large because it needs to be unique). I've read in past discussions on
asterisk-dev list that the extension length is limited to 79 characters
- which I though should be more then enough.

Now were doing a DUNDi lookup on that extension and dialing to it from a
second Asterisk server. The dial address looks like this:

The problem is that on the local server, we try to read ${EXTEN} and
parse it (specifically - I want to get at the 'g1' at the end. for this
I use the CUT function):
exten => _[0-9a-fA-f_].,1,Set(lastpart=${CUT(EXTEN,,2)})
exten => _[0-9a-fA-f_].,2,Set(firstpart=${CUT(EXTEN,,1)})

and then we get this (in the console):

-- Accepting AUTHENTICATED call from [...]
    -- Executing [f19dffb971b93746d at mydundictx:2]
Set("IAX2/", "lastpart=") in new stack
    -- Executing [f19dffb971b93746d at mydundictx:3]
Set("IAX2/", "firstpart=f19dffb971b93746d") in new

I understand that Asterisk truncates the extension in the display (in
this case - to 17 characters), but I was under the impression that this
is for display only. Apparently this is not the case - the as evidently
at least CUT sees only the first 17 characters ?!?

Then we changed the setup to dial from server to server using SIP
instead of IAX2 - using this method, the entire extension is passed
correctly. Any idea whats going on here ?

We're using Asterisk 1.4.0.

Oded Arbel
oded at atelis.net
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