[asterisk-dev] disable client side hangup after dialing 911on SIP Dial

Admin DeryTelecom admin at derytelecom.ca
Fri Mar 9 12:47:44 MST 2007


I think it would be a good feature to be able to reproduce the following 
behavior that a standard phone line does with 911.

Normally if someone calls 911 and hangs up after the call has been 
established then the line is not dropped because it is held by the 911 agent.

If you pickup your phone you should still be connected to the 911 agent and 
be able to talk to him.

The call is dropped only when the 911 agent hangs up on his side.

Maybe asterisk could disable the hangup from the client after he has dialed 911

Or maybe asterisk can keep the channel up and call back the user to 
re-establish the call until the hangup comes from the other side

I am talking about a SIP Dial and not a Zap Dial, it seems that this option 
is available on Zap Dial.



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