[asterisk-dev] Placing a new outbound call using C

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> On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Wai Wu wrote:
> > You are right. However, he still has to have some kind of user
> interface 
> > or an external application to talk to that code or have the code 
> > directly poll numbers from a database. I say just use a scheduler
> to 
> > create the .call files since as soon as the files get to the
> outbound 
> > directory, Asterisk will just eat them.
> The documented interfaces (call files and AMI) are less likely to
> induce 
> instability and are more likely to survive future releases as well.

	Both the callfiles and AMI APIs are reputed to lose requests (or
perhaps other failures) under heavy loads. Is this still true in 1.4.x?
Is there any current work on those bugs? Is there any benchmark on how
much traffic is safe, 100% reliable?

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