[asterisk-dev] cancel an originated call

Moises Silva moises.silva at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 19:37:01 MST 2007


Plase dont post users questions in asterisk-dev mailing list. This
list is for development discussions only. Also, please search the
asterisk-users archives, that question has already been answered a
couple of times. It is even possible that you were the one posting on
asterisk-users recently and you have not read the answer.


On 3/1/07, Iulian <iulian_cpp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hello,
>     i am trying to develope a conference application (using manager api
> commands on a socket)... and everything it's working fine except ... i can't
> figure out how to do this ... if i place an action: originate ... and after
> few seconds i change my mind ... how can i cancel the call ? ...
> thank you,
> Iulian
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