[asterisk-dev] Implementing control over ChanSpy and its users

Stephen Uhler suhler at sun.com
Thu Jun 21 17:06:54 CDT 2007

>>>Technique said:
> Hi asterisk-dev list,
> ...
> As you all know, Asterisk has an application called ChanSpy 
> (app_chanspy.c) that allows one party to "spy" on calls (regardless of 
> not they are bridged or not, I have been able to spy on people on 
> musiconhold). ChanSpy also handles the very important "w" option, which 
> allows the spy, or person listening, to whisper to one of the parties.
> However, ChanSpy is flawed. Chanspy might seem all well and good until 
> you try to implement it in the real world. There are a number of things 
> that one must keep in mind with the use of ChanSpy. If you'll allow me, 
> I will detail them here:
> Note: I am using the word "spy" in the sense of "whisperer" here. Which 
> is, someone who "whispers" to someone in a bridged call.
> 1. The spy cannot spy on everyone.
> 2. The spy can be able to whisper on the local party of an incoming 
> call, or an outgoing call.
> 3. The spy must not be whispering to the client or all is lost.
> 4. The three previous rules must not conflict with one another.

I do all of these with chanspy, by invoking it from the Manager API
using the Originate command: you get complete control over the spying
that way.  Note that until recently the "w" (e.g. whisper) option
didn't work in many cases, but that appears to be fixed now.
(This is probably a -user question and not a -dev one).


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