[asterisk-dev] Happy Midsummer!

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Thu Jun 21 04:25:37 CDT 2007


I just wanted to drop a note about my adventures yesterday.

I spent the whole day working with a company that works with  
telephony for the deaf. We worked on a couple
of issues, one that was very interesting.

They're using videocaps, a branch based on trunk. They have SIP  
phones and set up calls and Asterisk chokes
and denies the calls - so they called me and asked me to explore why?

I looked at the dialogs and discovered an INVITE

SIP headers looked fine.

SDP looked fine.

But wait! There's a media session for video. And there's a media  
session for text in the SDP.

Aha! No audio!

- "Who need's audio?" they said (through a sign-language translator)  
and looked at me.

So we debugged and debugged and finally got calls to go through, but  
at that point one of their
clients crashed and we decided that it was too late to continue this  
experiment. I think we almost
got there and got Asterisk to accept that "phone calls" doesn't have  
to include audio.

You live and learn. And with this message, I'm disappearing into the  
Swedish midnight sun
to celebrate midsummer here in Sweden. It's the height of the year  
and as close as we get
to a national celebration. Everyone burns meat to coal, drinks  
akvavit, dances around (with or
without clothes) and ...just enjoys the sunshine, the nice weather  
(disregarding the fact that
it has been raining on many midsummer nights in the past, but who  

So if you see any commits from me during friday, please revert them  
and ignore them :-)


Olle E. Johansson * Asterisk Evangelist, developer * VOOP A/S
olle at voop.com

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