[asterisk-dev] Issue 9185 call limit counter

Gil Kloepfer astr-dev at kloepfer.org
Tue Jun 19 15:17:42 CDT 2007

I am experiencing the problem in issue 9185 (call limit counter broken).

The issue says that the problem has been fixed in SVN 69765, but I'm
running 67938 of chan_sip.c and I have a copy of 69990 and there are
no changes involving the call counter.

It looks to me like the flag SIP_INC_COUNT is being cleared after
the inuse counter is decremented instead of when it reaches zero (down
a few lines) in update_call_counter().  Therefore, if there is more
than one call, the counter will keep going up by one until it reaches
the limit where it will never, ever get decremented again.

Am I (and my coworker) not seeing something here, or is this actually
what is causing the problem?

BTW: This appears to be the same in the latest stable 1.4 SVN version
as well...

Gil Kloepfer
astr-dev at kloepfer.org

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