[asterisk-dev] Increasing AST_PBX_MAX_STACK

Masakazu Nakano n-mack at md.neweb.ne.jp
Tue Jun 19 13:20:15 CDT 2007

Hi Tilghman.

Could you please try to use this one?


That is require over 128 includes not hierarical DEEP,if administrator 
wants over 124 users.



Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 June 2007 09:02, kleis-asterisk-dev at tiscali.it wrote:
>> I'd like your opinion about increasing the AST_PBX_MAX_STACK value,
>> currently set to 128.
>> Although it is clearly enough in the 99% of the scenarios, sometimes
>> it could be a limit. So I am curious about how increasing to 256 or
>> 512, or even more, could affect the system performance.
> You have includes more than 128 levels DEEP?  Why?
> This isn't about having more contexts, it's about how deep you can nest
> includes.  Even 10 levels deep borders on unmanageable; how are you
> going to manage 128 levels?

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