[asterisk-dev] Video on ALSA

Sergio Fadda depofdeath at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 11:40:17 CDT 2007

I'm trying to add video support to the alsa channel; that is, what I want is
to receive video frame to the console.
I've created (in the 'sip.conf' file) a SIP user (I'm sure it works), an
extension for the alsa console (in the 'extensions.conf' file) in this way:

exten => 123,1,Dial(Console/1)

and I've modified the capabilities of 'chan_alsa.c':


I've analyzed the log of the 'sip debug' and I've tcpdumped the traffic from
the SIP client (linphone for instance) to Asterisk and vice versa (the only
traffic I can trace externally) and I've seen that video packets flow from
linphone to Asterisk... good!
Now, the problem is: when video packets arrive to Asterisk, I suppose that
it redirect to my modified alsa channel, but... how can I recognize the type
of a packet?

Thanks for help!
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