[asterisk-dev] CDR fixes--- Wait a minute!! (LONG)

Steve Murphy murf at digium.com
Tue Jun 12 16:24:18 CDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-12 at 21:54 +0200, Stephen Davies wrote:
> Steve,
> I've just updated my SVN trunk install to Revision: 67303
> I was previously running SVN trunk Revision 62263.
> Since the update, my CDR records have a nasty change:
> Previously, my CDRs were:
> "peer-pri-hetzner","0217130829","0216736730","from-peer-pri-hetzner","0217130829","Zap/8-1","IAX2/phonehome-1-64","Dial","IAX2/phonehome-1/0216736730|90","2007-06-11
> 13:39:17","2007-06-11 13:39:17","2007-06-11
> 13:53:30",853,853,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","1181561957.6207","SRC_CUST=^SRC_PEER=^ORIG_CID=0217130829^DST_TYPE=cust^DST_
> CUST=phonehome^ACTION=dial:IAX2/phonehome-1/0216736730"
> Now, I'm getting:
> "peer-pri-hetzner","0217130829","s","macro-to-dest-customer","0217130829","Zap/6-1","IAX2/phonehome-1-28","Dial","IAX2/phonehome-1/0216736730|90","2007-06-12
> 21:15:29","2007-06-12 21:15:29","2007-06-12
> 21:38:57",1408,1408,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION","1181675729.2830","SRC_CUST=^SRC_PEER=^ORIG_CID=0217130829^DST_TYPE=cust^DST_CUST=phonehome^ACTION=dial:IAX2/phonehome-1/0216736730"
> So - previously the dst and dstcontext fields contained more or less
> the first extension/context seen.  Now they seem to have the last.
> In this case, the dst of "s" is very undesirable.  And this isn't
> unlikely seeing that many people will end up sending calls into a
> macro for the Dial() out.
> Please - what caused this change and how do I revert it?


OK, let's investigate this; can you show me what happens in
from-peer-pri-hetzner/0217130829? Can you supply a snippet of what the
dialplan looks like here? I assume at some point, it calls
macro(to-dest-customer). I need to reproduce your problem to solve it.

Another question: have you changed the dialplan at all, when you updated


Steve Murphy
Software Developer
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